Port Severn / Honey Harbour Area
Photo Tour
On The Rock

The rock is the Canadian Shield.

Crossing the Trent Canal you will notice the land has gone from farms and bush to rock and bush.

This area is one of the main playgrounds of Southern Ontario. Many large inland power boats travel from the Trent to Honey Harbour, Midland and Parry Sound

Power Boats are so common that they have their own 401 type of boating highway to Parry Sound.

This area is also well known for bass and pike fishing but most types of fish can be caught. Fishing is very good in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Other common fish are Pickerel, Salmon (fall in rivers or out in open water), Musky, Sturgeon (hard to find), Crappie and YES there are Gar.

Snowmobiling is the main attraction during the winter.