Wasaga Beach
Ontario Canada

Wasaga Beach
Wasaga Beach is one of the more popular of the Ontario beaches. Water is clean and is normally warm in July and August. Most weekends there are events on the beach. There was a volley ball tournament the Saturday we were there. The sand is soft with a little more silicone than many beaches. This why sand castle making is popular for the kids on the beach. Most accommodations are pre booked. There are lots of motels between Wasaga Beach and Collingwood

We start our tour at one of the quiet provincial park sites north of the river mouth.

Then we drove around to area one at the mouth of the river. This is where the boat launch is found. We then walk to the town of Wasaga Beach and back.

Most of the people we talked to on the beach were friendly but some were suspicious of a stranger taking pictures. We suspect the media coverage in our cities about watching out for strangers has had a negative affect on some people.