Beach Photo Tour
Sauble Beach, Oliphant, Red Bay, Howdenvale
Bruce Peninsula

Sauble Beach
Sauble Beach is one of the more popular of the Ontario beaches. Water is clean and is normally warm in July and August. Most weekends there are events on the beach. There was a volley ball tournament and carnival the Saturday we were there. The sand is soft with a little more silicone than many beaches. This why sand castle making is popular for the kids on the beach. Most accommodations are pre booked. Wiarton has lots of motels and is only a 15 minute drive or Owen Sound is 30 minutes.

The water a Oliphant is normally 2 feet deep for a 1 km. Did you guess what happened? Olihpant could be known as one of the largest beaches of the world. The main harbour had to be dredged so small boats could go to their cottages or for fishing.

Red Bay
This is a great place for a Lake Huron red sunset. Also, the fishing islands protect the bay and water is shallow. What this means is warn water in June and calm water for sailing of small boats.

Howdenvale does have sand but is not the best beach. It is known for fishing and a good public boat launch. There is only one L shaped channel out through the fishing islands. Getting out and back is impossible without a map.