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Good Locations
Our waters have a variety of conditions. We will give you the good and bad points of each location. Hopefully this will make your experience to the area a pleasant one. (we will try to find more locations)

Kincardine, Inverhuron, MacGregor Pt., Port Elgin, Southampton and Sauble Beach have very nice sandy beaches with windsurfing. The only problem is we get some strong west winds which causes large waves. For some people this is not a problem but a challenge so have fun.

The area that we do not recommend is the east side of the Peninsula, mainly because of the offshore winds and cooler water.

There are a couple of family beaches worth mentioning, Hibou northeast of Owen Sound and Christie Beach east of Meaford. Here you can expect a variety of conditions but generally quite nice. At Christie Beach you could get offshore winds.

Very Good Locations
  • Map - Craigleith (Northwinds) and Chritie Beach is red 23
    The most popular location in Grey and Bruce is Craigleith. It is popular because of its location to urban areas and good winds. The beach and parking lot are small so come early. The main drawback is that you can get strong offshore winds that the beginner will have trouble with.

    Little River Beach (Thornbury) no map yet
    Just west of Thornbury Harbour, at Elma and Harbour Sts.

  • Map - Owen Sound and Hibou is red 11
    Owen Sound should be known as the Ontario Windy City. Most days in early summer the north winds start at 10:00 a.m. and subside at 7 p.m.. This is caused by the hot land, cold water and the shape of the bay. Close to Owen Sound by the Arena and Marina we only get small chop. This is the area that we see windsurfers flying across the bay. Please note that the wind stirs up the cold water from the bottom of the bay and brings it into Owen Sound. Because of this windsurfers wear wetsuits most of the season.
    There are many places to launch your board on the east shore.

  • Map - Red Bay
    We did save the best for last. If you like warm water, strong on shore winds and no waves than Red Bay is the place for you. The reason for no waves is that the Fishing Inlands and reefs stop all the waves. Between the Fishing Islands and shore the water is around 10 feet deep that warms up very early in the season. Some people say this is the best spot in Canada for Windsurfing. The area does have a few faults. The first is that it is a little too remote for most windsurfers. The second is in July we could get very hot temperatures with no wind.

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