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FishingThe salmon run most of the rivers in Grey-Bruce from September to November. The best time to catch them is after dark but kids have a lot of fun during the day chasing them up the river. We take the kids to Harrison Park in Owen Sound until the river closes and have a hoot. We catch and release because by the time they get up the river they are not to real good to eat. Some people eat them of the meat is pink. Grey-Bruce
Fall ColoursIf you can follow these instuctions you are a navigator. We will start fom Owen Sound. East on HWY 26 to #12 turn right, go to #4 turn left, go to #13 turn right, go to #7 Kimberly turn right (side trip to Eugenia Falls), go to #4 turn left, caution go to #4 & 29 turn right to Walters Falls then go past Bognor to #18 turn left, go to HWY 6&10 turn right, you should be back in Owen Sound. (there are many other scenic roads between Chatsworth and Collingwood but many people get lost in this area) Don't forget to pickup some apples along the way. Bognor and Beaver Valley

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