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Spring Salmon

The spring is the best time for catching salmon. On a good day you can catch your limit in an hour and a bad day you get three by 1pm. It stays very good until the turn over in May or June. At this time they start to go north. Fishing can still be good but you must use every trick in the book. The big boys come back mid August.

We did catch more salmon than almost anyone except other locals. Would you like to know how? From Thompson Hole to east shore point and a horse shoe shape to Balmy Beach and back to Thomson Hole is flat. Use a body bait the size of a Chad about 30 feet back from the cannon ball (only a few lures work well so I would buy them in Owen Sound). Drop the cannon ball to the bottom (the bottom is flat clay) then up 5 feet. Then troll vey slow, people will think the boat is stopped. You should get three salmon doing this. To get five in one hour you must go out in the morning when it is dark. Go to Thompson Hole and follow the previous steps. Stay in the hole until the tourists show up then follow the flat out to the point. Remember slow is better.

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