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Fall Colours (Colors)

Grey and Bruce counties is one of the best areas in Canada to see fall colours. The Niagara Escapement runs right though the center of both counties for great views. Also the land around Durham and Beaver Valley or Bognor Valley is quite hilly. We will keep you posted on the bottom of GBD for the best weeks to view the leaves.

We enjoy our fall hikes along the Bruce Trail. This is the best way to get fantastic views.

Would like to see more of these cliffs? Then we recommend a drive from Owen Sound to Tobermory along the Georgian Bay shore. In many areas you can drive or hike to the top of the cliff. Owen Sound, Wiarton, Lion's Head and Tobermory have excellent escarpment trails.

How do you like this view? You can find views like this from the Bruce Trail in the Beaver Valley, Wiarton and Owen Sound areas. Some of the views in Owen Sound are Inglis Falls, West Rocks and the Tourist Information Center at Springmount. Some of the other area are a little harder to find. For next year we will try to have a location map.

There are many rural areas that you can enjoy when you drive around Grey-Bruce.

A short story.
Some areas in Grey-Bruce are quite rugged. This means that the old split rail fence is still a good option. The northern part of the counties will have more of this type of fencing.

Great views are everywhere in October. This picture is from Owen Sound.

We have lots of large and smaller waterfalls in the area. Owen Sound has three and Beaver Valley has one. Here you will find good views of the area because of the many cliffs.

Grey and Bruce counties have lots of Conservation Areas with trails that are excellent for hiking or mountain biking. When you see the word swamp on the map, don't worry. The trail goes around a very interesting marsh. The Bognor Marsh is a good place to start because you can also hike to the top of the escarpment (Note: That cliff is not the escarpment but it sure looks like one). Internet users like the word free so come and enjoy the FREE Conservation Areas

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