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As of 2007 there are few Skamania in Owen Sound Bay. The stocking program was canceled several year ago.

July is the worst time for fishing the Owen Sound Bay. The Salmon and Rainbow have moved out except for some stragglers and the Lake Trout can be caught in some areas. Bass can be caught but only a few local kids try to find them. Then there is the Skamania which mainly runs the river in July. Skamania was stock in Owen Sound Bay to improve the July fishing. There are many ways to catch them. Float fishing with a worm or in a boat with an orange lure. Good luck on getting it in. They spend more time in the air and are very well known for throwing the lure back at you.

If you like a 15lb torpedo shaped fish that fights like a Bass, you will have a smile on you face if you can get it in.

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