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Fog Banks of
Owen Sound Bay

Usually on a calm spring day when the water is cold and the air is very hot, we get a fog bank that will roll in. It gets trapped in Owen Sound Bay because of the V shape ridge from the west side up to Inglis Falls and back the east shore. The temperature can be 10 degrees cooler from the top of the hill to the bottom. This only happens about 10 times in the spring or early summer.

This picture shows the fog rolling into Owen Sound Bay.
Salmon fishing in the fog.

We were out salmon fishing on a gorgeous spring morning. We could see a very low fog bank moving in. When it had covered us, we could not see anything. The funny thing was that you could stand up in the boat and see over the fog. Now it got more funny. All the other boaters were doing the same thing. Have you ever seen a moving boat, with only the head of the driver above the fog?

Picture shows the fog in Owen Sound Bay.
Boating back to Owen Sound.

We had been out in Owen Sound Bay a lot. Getting caught in the fog is not a problem because the bay is shaped like a V. All we have to do is follow the V to Thompson Hole and then take the prearranged compass heading into Owen Sound. We came to the red buoy, turned right for the marina but without a compass setting because it was such a short distance. You could not see 100 feet. Suddenly the water was 3 feet, and we had missed the marina. Turning left we would follow the shore toward Owen Sound and would get to the marina. Suddenly the end of the pier jumped out at us. At 100 feet that pier looked very big. We had gone into Kelso Beach on the other side of the marina. Oops! Turning around we come to the marina wall, but which wall, when you can't see the end of the wall you can't recognize anything. We got back a little shaken up but safe.
When out on the bay in such dense fog the tendency was not to believe the compass. Many times we took a compass heading then look down a few seconds later to find that we had turned left. It was very hard to follow that compass even when we had known it was right.

Now for a local tip.
How to find Thompsons Hole.
You will need to be out on the bay to do this. On the map see the boat launch, at 23rd St., draw a line from it to the large dark brown three story house on other side of the bay, between 1/3 and 1/2 the way across from the boat launch you will find, on your graph, a spot that drops an extra 10 feet, this is Thompsons Hole. This is usually the best Salmon location early in the morning or late in the evening in the spring or late August.



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