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Winter Fun

The winter goes too fast for those of us who like winter. From Mid December to Mid March we can expect lots of snow. We then get out our snowmobiles, snowshoes, toboggans and skis. Activities we take part in, are snowmobile races, cross country ski races, charity outings, planned tours by clubs, sleigh rides and much more...

All three of the Owen Sound waterfalls get this type of ice buildup. Indian Falls can have a very unique ice buildup because the water drops straight down.

We do like our downhill and cross country skiing in the area. This picture shows a cross county race in progress but there are many great conservation areas that you can go to for a great wilderness experience.

There are Snowmobile trails everywhere in Grey-Bruce. Because they need a lot of snow and cold temperatures they might not get the trails groomed until the Christmas Holidays and the season could end before March.

Catch me if you can! I am not like those bully Salmon or slow Lake Trout, I am smart and fast. You can find me at the mouth of the rivers in the fall after those stinky Salmon are finished spawning. We hang out there under the ice until the spring. We then do our spawning thing. We do like digging up those salmon eggs. On our way out we are a little hungry. This does dull our senses to some of the dangers. Even some inexperienced anglers can catch us when casting a lure from shore. You should see how funny they look when they see how big we are. They try to land us with puny nets. If we are unlucky there is a person close to them to help get us in. Catch me if you can but you must be a good fisherman or we will come out of the water, take one look and laugh as we spit your hook back at you.

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