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Salmon - Fish that you can eat!

In Grey-Bruce August should be renamed Salmon Month. On Lake Huron the fish derbies try to hit the salmon as they move north and Owen Sound tries to get them when they come home. They both do a good job at this.

Why do we say fish that you can eat? If you live in the middle of 4 lakes and one very large bay, like Ontario is, you would know that the salmon in the other lakes are not all that good to eat. Ontario residents even go as far as saying "The Lake Ontario Salmon Eyes Glow".

Why are some Salmon 17 lbs and others 37 lbs? We asked that question and the answer is. The Salmon come home every 4 years (20 to 30 lb) but they have a protection against bad years. Some Salmon come home in 3 years (17 lb) and others in 5 years (30 lb+).

You can not drive anywhere in Grey-Bruce in August and September without seeing a boat on a trailer. Even 14' boats can get out on most days in Owen Sound Bay and Culpoys Bay. You will find larger boats on Lake Huron because you must be more careful, watching for rough water and thunder storms that can come across the water at alarming speed.

You will find Salmon all along both shores of Grey-Bruce. Some areas are better known, but if you can find a local fisherman they are always eager to help. We know that on Lake Huron you must travel out quite far until you find schools of bait fish. On Georgian Bay you very seldom travel very far out from shore. This has a lot to do with the depth of water. Georgian Bay is deep and Lake Huron is shallower. Good Luck and have fun.

One day at Southampton my young boys and I wanted to go Salmon Fishing. The waves were too big so we caught lots of Catfish in the river from our boat. Then we saw a local with a smaller boat than ours go out. We then followed him and found out that these waves were very gentle 6' rollers. In Owen Sound we usually only got 3' chop if we get any waves at all. We found this to be a new experience. Within an hour the boys started to get seasick from the bobbing. They were to young to know about being seasick so I had then sit down in the bottom of the boat and we got the food and snacks out. What a party we had and they forgot all about feeling sick. After 4 hours we went back to the dock at Southampton and got out of the boat. Now the dock felt like it was bobbing, but it wasn't. What a strange feeling

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