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Are you interested in cycling for recreation & fitness but are intimidated by the racing clubs that you see around?  If you are, check us out!  We are a touring cycling club where the emphasis is on fun instead of trying to break speed records.

The TCCG Story

The Tour Concept Cycling Group is a non-profit organization of avid recreational cyclists.  The goal of the club is to promote fitness through cycling as well as social comraderie among the group.  Unlike those racing clubs out there, we don't have any time trials or records to beat, we just want to have fun and improve at our own pace.  TCCG is based in Durham, where most of our rides start.  Sunday is our usual cycling day and our season runs from April 1 to October 31.  Low annual fees and friendly people make this club attractive to many riders out there who share our interest in cycling.  We have just celebrated our tenth anniversary and would be excited for you to join us. 

For more information, email or  Tom Blainey at 905-428-2844 or Dawn Hembling at 905-430-5436.

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