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3 feet of snow in 2 days in Owen Sound, February 2006

This amount of snow is not uncommon in Owen Sound because we are in the heart of the snowbelt. What was different was the weight of the first foot.

Owen Sound can get up to 15 feet in a season once every 5 years. The snow accumulation seldom gets over 4 feet because of melting and compression of the snow.

First we will explain about different weights of snow for the people that have never seen snow. Take a shovel and put a gallon of paint on it. This is the weight of shoveling wet snow, half a pail is normal snow and an empty pail is the weight of powder snow.

Day 0, first week of February
We have had a warm December and January and there was almost no snow on the ground. February the jetstreem changed to a winter pattern and here comes the snow.

Day 1
The first few photos are of day 1. The snow was very heavy like slush and many of our trees and power lines were knocked down. This was caused by a warm storm that came up from the south and collided with cold arctic air from the north. This happened right over Owen Sound. The slush froze on the trees as the arctic air pushed down.

Day 2
The middle group of photos was after day 2. Cold arctic air creates a dryer snow. We got 2 feet of powder snow. This snow has little effect on us except when the snow comes up on the hood and goes over the car window.

Day 3
Only a couple of inches of light snow.

Day 4
Cold and clear are the last group of photos. Owen Sounders complain about the amount snow we get except on a gorges cold sunny day after a large snowfall.
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