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2009 Wiarton Ontario, Big Music Fest, Photo Tour

2009 Wiarton Ontario, Big Music Fest, Photo Tour

Slideshow order The Spades - Arkells - Sam Roberts Band - The Tragically Hip
Some of the photos are not of the best quality because of the distance and lighting.

We would rate this show a 5 out of 10
6 for the music and 4 for organization

It took the buses until 8pm to get everyone in. At 8pm the lineup for food, water and beer were extremely long. The bus problem caused many people to start leaving after only a couple songs by The Tragically Hip.

The Spades and Arkells were almost OK. The Sam Roberts Band was good. The Tragically Hip was OK but we did not see their entire set.

Talk is that they will do this show again next year. All the bands had a similar sound. It would be nice if there was more of a verity and possibly a couple local bands between sets.

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