Ontario Canada Mid May Spring Photos and Plants

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Mid May Central Ontario Bush Plants

We went to several areas around Grey and Bruce Counties during mid May. This is the best time to find wild flowers. There were a few black flies but they didn’t bother us much. Mosquitoes weren’t out yet.

Do you know about bush flowers and plants?
1: There is a picture of a plant where the end of the plant is delicious. “fiddle head”
2: Don’t pick, you could go to jail. “three large white or red leaves”
3: Don’t touch or you will itch for a week. “three shiny leaves”
4: Small white flower that will ripen into a very desirable berry.
5: These plants eat bugs.
6: Young leaves make a good salad, parts of the plant are used for wine, one of most hated homeowner plants.

1: Fern rolled up tops.
2: Trilliums, Ontario’s Flower and will die if you pick it.
3: Poison Ivey
4: Strawberry
5: Jack In The Pulpit
6: Dandelion

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