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Owen Sound Harrison Park to Inglis Falls Hike Photo Tour - Mid May

Owen Sound Harrison Park to Inglis Falls Hike Photo Tour - Mid May

Second week of May hike.

We start from the main entrance to Harrison Park and travel to south end of the park, most people start at the south end, we traveled up to Inglis Falls along the east side of the Sydenham River, at Inglis Falls we came back the west site along the road. We picked up the trail again at the Conservation Authority, the last few photos are back where we started at the south end of Harrison Park.

Note: The hiking trail is at the back of the Conservation Authority.

Slide 76 shows a crevice that people use to get to the bottom of the falls. It a little north of the bottom of the stairs. It is not an easy climb.

This trail was originally built by Bill Georgas and finished by George Kraemer for the Owen Sound Ski Club. The problems of Global Warming caused the ski club to close the trail and move to Massie Hills. Some people will ski the trail if there is enough snow.

Note: The trail along the east side of the river was impassible until Bill Georgas went with a pick and shovel and cut a trail along the clay bank. It is just south of the bridge to the Conservation Authority.

Shortcut: You don't have to go all the way to Inglis Falls. Cross the bridge towards the Conservation Authority and come back the west side.

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