Beaver Valley Ontario Canada Photo Tour

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Beaver Valley Ontario Photo Tour

Beaver Valley is a great place to go for a drive in the fall. We spent all day driving around the area. There are two other valleys that are west of the Beaver Valley at Meaford and Bognor that are also worth a look.

If you want to really see the valley you must get off the main road. We saw many people on the paved back roads driving motorcycles. Also, the Bruce Trail is on the top of the valley and is worth a hike. We did one hike at the cliffs on the east side of the valley. The road up the hill is a good gravel road. You might come across people climbing cliffs. I found watching then climbing very enjoying. They were also very friendly and explained the climbing process.

We start our tour from the top of the valley and traveled down to Georgian Bay. Most of the photos were taken from the back roads. There is only one good lookout across from the ski hills.

Note: The first falls “Eugenia Falls” you will see has very little water. This is because of water diversion for hydro production.
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