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Early Spring Lake Huron Shore Drive, Oliphant to Sauble Beach Photo Tour

March 2008 early spring Lake Huron Shore Drive from Oliphant to Sauble Beach

Every few years around the first day of spring we like to go over to this area. The air can be cool but the sun was nice and warm. You will see lots of people out for a spring walk. More adventurous people will walk out to the ice dunes created by winter storms. At Oliphant the ice dunes are along the Fishing Islands and at Sauble Beach they are located at the first main sand bar. In the summer this sand bar is is around 2' deep and to get to it is around 3' to 4' deep. What this means is that under good ice conditions it is relatively safe to walk out to the ice dunes. Do not go on the ice close to moving water such as Sauble River.

First photos are from Oliphant, then Sauble River and then Sauble Beach. We saw that the ice dunes were close to shore at the south end of Sauble Beach. This is where we walked out on the ice. Previous years we walked straight out from the sigh at Sauble Beach.

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