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Basic Ontario Information

    Rivers and Lakes Fishing

    This page was made to help tourist understand what is on Ontario inland lakes and rivers.

    Ontario inland lakes and rivers fishing information is only the general opinion of the owner of this web site. I do not try to make fishing sound better than it is. Some areas my boys and I did well and others we did not.

    All river mouths have fish.

      We will break the province into three sections.
    • Southern Ontario – Below the Trent Cannel
    • Northern Ontario – The Trent Cannel and North
    • Arctic Water Shed - James Bay
    We do not know anything about the Arctic Water Shed.

    Southern Ontario Fishing

    Southern Ontario is known for farming and industry and not fishing. The entire area does have Smallmouth Bass. There are only a few good places to fish that we know about. In the northern part of Southern Ontario there are some pike and a good amount of Speckled Trout and Brown Trout. The trout are extremely hard to catch. If you do want to fish a river in this area we would suggest the Saugeen River.

    Northern Ontario – The Trent Cannel and North

    The entire Trent system does have good amount fishing. Pike, Bass and Pickerel {Walleye}

    There are two types of Northern Fishing, cold deep lakes or warmer lakes and rivers.

    Cold beep lakes normally have few fish except for Lake Trout. We have only found a few large lakes that have Bass or Pike in a shallow large bay. We avoided these lakes.

    Warm lakes and rivers

    Pike, Bass and Pickerel Fishing are common. You can find panfish, Musky, Perch and more … Now for the bad news, some lakes are over fished but we have always caught something. Every river and lake is different, so ask a local tackle shop what is in the lake and what they might bight on. We always take warms, leeches, three size of silver spoons, three sizes of body baits jigs, spinner jigs and one large spinner. Minnows are good but take a lot of work if you are going into the wilderness.

    Fish On

    Good Luck