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Basic Ontario Information

    Great Lakes Fishing

    This is a general description of fishing the Great Lakes on the Canadian side.
      There are three types of fishing.
    • Cold Water
    • Warmer Water
    • River Mouth
    Cold water lakes (yellow): Most of Lake Ontario,Lake Superior, Lake Huron (not real cold, west side of Georgian Bay. These lakes hold a good amount of Salmon, Rainbow and Lake Tout. There are other species like jumbo perch or whitefish but are not often fished. Most lakes you don’t have to go out far from shore except Lake Huron. Lake Huron is not real deep so you must go out up to 10 km as the water warms up. Also: Salmon move north in the summer but come back in September.

    Warm water lakes (pink}: There are many sections along the shore that are considered warm water even along the colder lakes. Only a local tackle shops can help with locations and species. Most of these locations will contain Bass and Pickerel (Wallie), Pike and Perch are common, some areas will have musky.

    River Mouth Fishing: Expect to catch almost anything. Spring and Fall Rainbow run the rivers, Salmon run in the fall, even carp, catfish and more will run the rivers. You might even catch Perch, Smelt, Whitefish, Sheep Head, Pike, Musky, Bass and more. Every river is different so ask a local tackle shop.

    Fish On

    Good Luck

We did not show Lake Superior because as far as we know it is cold water fishing.